The Need for Antivirals against Covid-19

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Titel: The Need for Antivirals against Covid-19
Autor(en): Saalbach, Klaus
Zusammenfassung: Recent findings have shown that the number of small and major Corona virus mutations is steadily increasing. This has major impact on the Corona policy, because the lockdowns are done to mitigate the burden of the pandemic, but they prolong the time-window for the emergence of more aggressive and infectious mutants. This defense paradox may weaken the effect of vaccinations, both for the antibody response and cellular response or may lead in a worst-case scenario to an escape from natural and vaccine-mediated immunity. Antivirals typically affect sensitive procedures and structures in viruses which cannot easily mutate, i.e., are evolutionary much more stable than the surface structures that can be targeted by natural or vaccine-mediated immunity. Big data analyses have identified a larger set of potentially effective substances, but the research on these substances needs to be definitely intensified.
Schlagworte: Covid-19; Antivirals
Erscheinungsdatum: 31-Mär-2021
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