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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2020The effect of optimism bias and governmental action on siltation management within Japanese reservoirs surveyed via artificial neural networkLandwehr, Tobias; Kantoush, Sameh Ahmed; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia; Sumi, Tetsuya; Irie, Mitsuteru
23-May-2022Developmental Plasticity of the Amphibious Liverwort Riccia fluitansAlthoff, Felix; Wegner, Linus; Ehlers, Katrin; Buschmann, Henrik; Sabine, Zachgo
19-Jan-2022DiversitätNieswand, Boris
1-Apr-2022Cooperative Behavior Evokes Interbrain Synchrony in the Prefrontal and Temporoparietal Cortex: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of fNIRS Hyperscanning StudiesCzeszumski, Artur; Liang, Sophie Hsin-Yi; Dikker, Suzanne; König, Peter; Lee, Chin-Pang; Koole, Sander L.; Kelsen, Brent
23-Nov-2020Analyzing Self-Explanations in Mathematics: Gestures and Written Notes Do MatterSalle, Alexander
8-Jul-2023Maize Grain Germination Is Accompanied by Acidification of the EnvironmentWellmann, Konrad; Varnskühler, Jens; Leubner-Metzger, Gerhard; Mummenhoff, Klaus
28-Jun-2022Moral Agency, Rules, and Temporality in People Who Are Diagnosed With Mild Forms of Autism: In Defense of a Sentimentalist ViewCoelho, Sara; Bonatti, Sophia Marlene; Elena, Doering; Asena, Paskaleva-Yankova; Achim, Stephan
9-Oct-2020Identifying the sources of structural sensitivity in partially specified biological modelsAdamson, Matthew W.; Morozov, Andrew Yu.
20-Mar-2023Detecting Historical Terrain Anomalies With UAV-LiDAR Data Using Spline-Approximation and Support Vector MachinesStorch, Marcel; de Lange, Norbert; Jarmer, Thomas; Waske, Björn
3-Apr-2023Care-MigrationSchwenken, Helen