FB08 - Hochschulschriften [180]


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2023Eyes on the road: brain computer interfaces and cognitive distraction in trafficBosch, Victoria; Mecacci, Giulio
8-Aug-2023Einsatz einer App-basierten Nachsorge zur Unterstützung des Selbstmanagements nach der berufsdermatologischen, stationären RehabilitationRistow, Nele; Wilke, Annika; John, Swen Malte; Ludewig, Michaela
18-Dec-2022Heritage and Repeat Photography: Techniques, Management, Applications, and PublicationsSchaffland, Axel; Heidemann, Gunther
1-Dec-2022Turn-taking skills in mammals: A systematic review into development and acquisitionAbreu, Filipa; Pika, Simone
12-Dec-2022Spike-based statistical learning explains human performance in non-adjacent dependency learning tasksLehfeldt, Sophie; Mueller, Jutta L.; Pipa, Gordon
9-Dec-2022Commentary: A review on the role of affective stimuli in event-related frontal alpha asymmetrySchöne, Benjamin
9-Sep-2022Evidence for the embodiment of the automatic approach biasSolzbacher, Johannes; Czeszumski, Artur; Walter, Sven; König, Peter
7-Sep-2017Anwendungsstudie zur Eruierung der kurativen Effekte semipermeabler Handschuhmembranen auf berufsbedingte HauterkrankungenHeichel, Theres; Sonsmann, Flora; Strunk, Meike; Nordheider, Kathrin; Wilke, Annika; John, Swen Malte; Krambeck, Kathrin; Brans, Richard
16-Mar-2023Systematische Konzeption einer App-basierten Nachsorge zur Unterstützung des Selbstmanagements in der berufsdermatologischen, stationären RehabilitationRistow, Nele; Wilke, Annika; John, Swen Malte; Ludewig, Michaela
7-Jul-2022A continuous time meta-analysis of the relationship between conspiracy beliefs and individual preventive behavior during the COVID-19 pandemicStasielowicz, Lukasz
10-Jun-2022Processing Attenuating NPIs in Indicative and Counterfactual ConditionalsSchwab, Juliane; Liu, Mingya
6-Jun-2022Applying the Dynamic Dual Pathway Model of Approach Coping to Collective Action Among Advantaged Group Allies and Disadvantaged Group MembersRadke, Helena R. M.; Kutlaca, Maja; Becker, Julia C.
28-Jun-2022Moral Agency, Rules, and Temporality in People Who Are Diagnosed With Mild Forms of Autism: In Defense of a Sentimentalist ViewCoelho, Sara; Bonatti, Sophia Marlene; Elena, Doering; Asena, Paskaleva-Yankova; Achim, Stephan
6-Jun-2022Finding landmarks - An investigation of viewing behavior during spatial navigation in VR using a graph-theoretical analysis approachWalter, Jasmin L.; Essmann, Lucas; König, Sabine U.; König, Peter
2-May-2022Giving a Body a Different Face - How Men and Women Evaluate Their Own Body vs. That of OthersVoges, Mona M.; Quittkat, Hannah L.; Schöne, Benjamin; Vocks, Silja
9-May-2022The Spatial Leaky Competing Accumulator ModelZemliak, Viktoria; MacInnes, W. Joseph
22-Apr-2022Investigating non-visual eye movements non-intrusively: Comparing manual and automatic annotation stylesStüber, Jeremias; Junctorius, Lina; Hohenberger, Annette
21-Mar-2022“Vegan Teachers Make Students Feel Really Bad”: Is Teaching Sustainable Nutrition Indoctrinating?Weber, Alina; Linkemeyer, Laura; Szczepanski, Lena; Fiebelkorn, Florian
31-Jan-2022Familial transmission of attention allocation towards one’s own and a peer’s body: An eye-tracking study with male adolescents and their fathersArkenau, Rike; Bauer, Anika; Schneider, Silvia; Vocks, Silja
7-Feb-2022Application of insects to wounds of self and others in chimpanzees in the wildMascaro, Alessandra; Southern, Lara M.; Deschner, Tobias; Pika, Simone