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16-Mai-2022Parameter recovery for moment problems on algebraic varietiesWageringel, Markus
21-Mär-2022Synthesis and Energy Storage Performance of Novel Redox-Active PolymersMahmood, Arsalan Mado Mahmood
1-Mär-2022Modeling and Execution of Resilient Business Processes in Unreliable Communication EnvironmentsNordemann, Frank
11-Feb-2022The Modification of Boolean Models in Random Network AnalysisBussmann, Stephan
11-Feb-2022Navigation Control & Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile RobotsPütz, Sebastian Clemens Benedikt
7-Feb-2022Traceable Imaging Spectrometer Calibration and Transformation of Geometric and Spectral Pixel PropertiesBaumgartner, Andreas
22-Dez-2021Computing Measures of Non-PlanarityWiedera, Tilo
20-Dez-2021Socio-environmental modelling for sustainable development: Exploring the interplay of formal insurance and risk-sharing networksWill, Meike
20-Dez-2021Exposure and risk assessment of pharmaceuticals in challenging watersheds by enhanced geo-referenced modellingLämmchen, Volker
17-Dez-2021Hydro Power is not Forever - A Research on the Sustainable Management of Water-Dependent Electricity Generation with a Focus on Reservoir SedimentationLandwehr, Tobias
30-Nov-2021Context-aware anchoring, semantic mapping and active perception for mobile robotsGünther, Martin
18-Okt-2021Bridging the Gap: Integration, Evaluation and Optimization of Network Coding-based Forward Error CorrectionSchütz, Bertram
1-Okt-2021Biological conservation: mathematical models from an ecological and socio-economic systems perspectiveVortkamp, Irina
14-Sep-2021Subdivisions of simplicial complexesBrunink, Jan-Marten
2-Sep-2021Efficient heuristics for large-scale vehicle routing problemsGraf, Benjamin
15-Jul-2021Model-Based Exploration of Parallelism in Context of Automotive Multi-Processor SystemsHöttger, Robert Martin
15-Jul-2021Algebraic Methods for the Estimation of Statistical DistributionsGrosdos Koutsoumpelias, Alexandros
6-Apr-2021Remote sensing large-scale surface structures in the Wadden Sea. Application of satellite SAR data (TerraSAR-X) to record spatial distribution and dynamics of habitats and geomorphic structures for monitoring and long-term ecological researchAdolph, Inga Winny
19-Mär-2021The condition number of Vandermonde matrices and its application to the stability analysis of a subspace methodNagel, Dominik
12-Feb-2021Randomized integer convex hullHong Ngoc, Binh