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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2019Remote Sensing of Forests: Analyzing Biomass Stocks, Changes and Variability with Empirical Data and SimulationsKnapp, Nikolai
29-Jan-2008Analyse multispektraler Fernerkundungsdaten im Hinblick auf deren Eignung zur Einschätzung des Biomassepotenzials großer Landschaftsräume am Beispiel des Naturparks TERRA.vitaKopka, André
9-Dec-2003Stochastic models for biological systemsAli, Mansour Fathey Yassen
6-Apr-2021Remote sensing large-scale surface structures in the Wadden Sea. Application of satellite SAR data (TerraSAR-X) to record spatial distribution and dynamics of habitats and geomorphic structures for monitoring and long-term ecological researchAdolph, Inga Winny
24-Jan-2007Dynamics and sustainable use of species-rich moist forests: A process-based modelling approachRüger, Nadja
18-Dec-2006Biotoptypenerfassung auf Basis digitaler höchst auflösender FernerkundungsdatenGähler, Monika
22-Jul-2022Individual-based modeling of microbial systems under consideration of consumer-resource interactions and evolutionBogdanowski, André
13-Nov-2018Empirical Dynamic Modelling Identifies different Responses of Aedes Polynesiensis Subpopulations to Natural Environmental VariablesGrziwotz, Florian; Strauß, Jakob Friedrich; Hsieh, Chih-hao; Telschow, Arndt
15-Dec-2021Innate Immunity as an Executor of the Programmed Death of Individual Organisms for the Benefit of the Entire PopulationChernyak, Boris V.; Lyamzaev, Konstantin G.; Mulkidjanian, Armen Y.
13-Feb-2019Genetic Incompatibilities Between Mitochondria and Nuclear Genes: Effect on Gene Flow and SpeciationTelschow, Arndt; Gadau, Jürgen; Werren, John H.; Kobayashi, Yutaka