Insulator-Assisted Regular Arrays of Metal Centres via Metal-Organic Compounds

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Title: Insulator-Assisted Regular Arrays of Metal Centres via Metal-Organic Compounds
Authors: Laflör, Linda
Thesis advisor: Dr. Philipp Rahe
Thesis referee: Prof. Dr. Michael Reichling
Abstract: Metal-organic network structures hold the strong promise for novel functionality in the fields of optoelectronics as well as information storage and processing. In this thesis, three different approaches for the formation of metal-organic compounds on insulating surfaces are followed using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) for characterisation of the resulting materials. First, steps towards on-surface synthesis of a metal-organic molecule are taken by investigating protoporphyrin IX on calcium fluoride (CaF2(111)) and silver (Ag(111)) surfaces. A particular focus is set on imaging the flexible molecular side groups with non-contact atomic force microscopy using CO functionalised tips. Second, the deposition and assembly of the metal-organic molecule ferrocenedicarboxylic acid is investigated on both bulk and thin film (111) surfaces of calcium fluoride. SPM experiments support a quadruped anchoring motif on both surfaces. Third, a regular array of metal centres is formed on Au(111) by assembly of trimesic acid and iron into a metal-organic network. A unique unit cell is identified from SPM data and the position of the metal centres within the unit cell is ascertained from determining the intermolecular distances in high-resolution non-contact atomic force microscopy images.
Subject Keywords: Molecules on Surfaces; Atomic Force Microscopy; Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy; Trimesic Acid; Ferrocenedicarboxylic Acid; Protoporphyrin IX; Self Assembly; Surface Metal-Organic Networks; Metal-Organic Compounds
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2022
License name: Attribution 3.0 Germany
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Type of publication: Dissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]
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