Eye tracking in virtual reality

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Titel: Eye tracking in virtual reality
Autor(en): Clay, Viviane
König, Peter
König, Sabine U.
ORCID des Autors: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9152-0666
Zusammenfassung: The intent of this paper is to provide an introduction into the bourgeoning field of eye tracking in Virtual Reality (VR). VR itself is an emerging technology on the consumer market, which will create many new opportunities in research. It offers a lab environment with high immersion and close alignment with reality. An experiment which is using VR takes place in a highly controlled environment and allows for a more in-depth amount of information to be gathered about the actions of a subject. Techniques for eye tracking were introduced more than a century ago and are now an established technique in psychological experiments, yet recent development makes it versatile and affordable. In combination, these two techniques allow unprecedented monitoring and control of human behavior in semi-realistic conditions. This paper will explore the methods and tools which can be applied in the implementation of experiments using eye tracking in VR following the example of one case study. Accompanying the technical descriptions, we present research that displays the effectiveness of the technology and show what kind of results can be obtained when using eye tracking in VR. It is meant to guide the reader through the process of bringing VR in combination with eye tracking into the lab and to inspire ideas for new experiments.
Bibliografische Angaben: Journal of Eye Movement Research 12(1):3, 2019
URL: https://repositorium.ub.uni-osnabrueck.de/handle/urn:nbn:de:gbv:700-201907171837
Schlagworte: eye movement; eye tracking; virtual reality; VR; smooth pursuit; region of interest; gaze
Erscheinungsdatum: 5-Apr-2019
Lizenzbezeichnung: Attribution 4.0 International
URL der Lizenz: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Publikationstyp: Einzelbeitrag in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift [article]
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