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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2023Skin picking: A problem among healthcare workers?Symanzik, Cara; Brans, Richard; Skudlik, Christoph; John, Swen M.; Dicke, Katja
5-Jun-2023Farmers' land-use decision-making: A dynamical modelling approach that integrates qualitative knowledge about social norms into a quantitative modelVortkamp, Irina; Hilker, Frank M.
17-Aug-2023Signatures of geostrophic turbulence in power spectra and third-order structure function of offshore wind speed fluctuationsSim, So‑Kumneth; Peinke, Joachim; Maass, Philipp
15-Aug-2023Computations of volumes in five candidates electionsBruns, Winfried; Ichim, Bogdan
19-Sep-2023Efficient and Controllable Model Compression through Sequential Knowledge Distillation and PruningMalihi, Leila; Heidemann, Gunther
23-Nov-2023Real-Time Monitoring of Strain Accumulation and Relief during Epitaxy of Ultrathin Co Ferrite Films with Varied Co ContentThien, Jannis; Rodewald, Jari; Pohlmann, Tobias; Ruwisch, Kevin; Bertram, Florian; Küpper, Karsten; Wollschläger, Joachim
26-Aug-2023Introducing a New Mobile Electroencephalography System and Evaluating Its Quality in Comparison to Clinical ElectroencephalographySamimisabet, Paria; Krieger, Laura; Nethar, Themis; Pipa, Gordon
8-Sep-2023COVID-19-related school closures and mathematical performance - findings from a study with grade 3 students in GermanyGasteiger, Hedwig; Sachse, Karoline A.; Schumann, Kristoph; Gerve, Mona; Schulz, Axel; Engelbert-Kocher, Maria
4-Sep-2023Midfrontal mechanisms of performance monitoring continuously adapt to incoming information during outcome anticipationLange, Leon; Kisker, Joanna; Osinsky, Roman
6-Sep-2023Shame and anger differentially predict disidentification between collectivistic and individualistic societiesBierle, Isabel; Becker, Julia C.; Nakao, Gen; Heine, Steven J.
1-Aug-2023Soil security in floodplain and river restoration projectsEl Hourani, Mariam; Broll, Gabriele
8-Jul-2023Maize Grain Germination Is Accompanied by Acidification of the EnvironmentWellmann, Konrad; Varnskühler, Jens; Leubner-Metzger, Gerhard; Mummenhoff, Klaus
11-Jul-2023Phylogeny and Flow Cytometry of the Genus Kalidium Moq. (Amaranthaceae s.l.) in KazakhstanOsmonali, B. B.; Vesselova, P. V.; Kudabayeva, G. M.; Skaptsov, M. V.; Shmakov, A. I.; Friesen, N.
2-Aug-2023What is the current state of research concerning self-efficacy in exercise behaviour? Protocol for two systematic evidence mapsBill, Vanessa; Wilke, Annika; Sonsmann, Flora; Rocholl, Marc
14-Jun-2023Teledermatological Follow-Up Consultations in Individual Prevention of Occupational Dermatoses: A Monocentric Feasibility Study on Quality and Satisfaction by Patients and PhysiciansGill, Carina; Fischer, Ann-Kristin; Dicke, Katja; Teigelake, Björn; Brans, Richard; Skudlik, Christoph; John, Swen Malte; Symanzik, Cara
2-Jun-2023A closer look at the sources of variability in scalar implicature derivation: a reviewKhorsheed, Ahmed; Gotzner, Nicole
26-May-2023Eyes on the road: brain computer interfaces and cognitive distraction in traffBosch, Victoria; Mecacci, Giulio
23-May-2023Radicalization from a societal perspectiveShafieioun, Delaram; Haq, Hina
25-May-2023Rapid response of vascular plants and insects to restoration of montane grasslandsHelbing, Felix; Fartmann, Thomas; Morkel, Carsten; Poniatowski, Dominik
26-May-2023Tracking wintering areas and post-breeding migration of a declining farmland bird – An indispensable basis for successful conservationKämpfer, Steffen; Kruckenberg, Helmut; Düttmann, Heinz; Kölzsch, Andrea; Jiguet, Frédéric; Bocher, Pierrick; Fartmann, Thomas