Simultaneous optical and electrical recordings in horizontal lipid bilayers: Membrane dynamics and protein interactions

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Title: Simultaneous optical and electrical recordings in horizontal lipid bilayers: Membrane dynamics and protein interactions
Authors: Honigmann, Alf
Thesis advisor: apl. Prof. Dr. Richard Wagner
Thesis referee: Prof. Dr. Jakob Piehler
Abstract: In this thesis the deployment of a methodological combination of two single molecule techniques, the planar bilayer technique and fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy, is presented. The newly devised electro-optical setup will serve as a sophisticated model system for electrical excitable biological membranes. The expectation on a combined electro-optical setup is to be able to correlate the function of membrane channels (electrical activity) with its structural properties (fluorescence assays). The thesis is grouped into four chapters: A general introduction, providing the biological and methodological background, is followed by two studies on the application of the electro- optical setup in the field of membrane biophysics. In the first study the electrical and diffusion properties of planar bilayer membranes made of simple and ternary lipid mixtures are characterized. Additionally, the influence of temperature dependent lipid phase separation on the electrical activity of the ion channel gramicidin A is studied. The second study addresses the conformational changes of the pore-forming toxin Colicin A during membrane binding and ion channel formation. Finally, the potentials and the limitation of the presented setup are discussed.
Subject Keywords: Membrane; Lipids; Diffusion; FCS; Ionchannel; Fluorescence; phase separation; pore forming toxin
Issue Date: 15-Nov-2010
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Type of publication: Dissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]
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