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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Mar-2017Persistent Memory in Single Node Delay-Coupled Reservoir ComputingKovac, André David; Koall, Maximilian; Pipa, Gordon; Toutounji, Hazem
13-Feb-2017Serial Spike Time Correlations Affect Probability Distribution of Joint Spike EventsShahi, Mina; van Vreeswijk, Carl; Pipa, Gordon
16-Jan-2018Using Virtual Reality to Assess Ethical Decisions in Road Traffic Scenarios: Applicability of Value-of-Life-Based Models and Influences of Time PressureSütfeld, Leon René; Gast, Richard; König, Peter; Pipa, Gordon
28-Feb-2018Autonomous Vehicles Require Socio-Political Acceptance — An Empirical and Philosophical Perspective on the Problem of Moral Decision MakingBergmann, Lasse Tenzin; Schlicht, Larissa; Meixner, Carmen; König, Peter; Pipa, Gordon; Boshammer, Susanne; Stephan, Achim
12-Dec-2022Spike-based statistical learning explains human performance in non-adjacent dependency learning tasksLehfeldt, Sophie; Mueller, Jutta L.; Pipa, Gordon
31-Jan-2020Project Westdrive: Unity City With Self-Driving Cars and Pedestrians for Virtual Reality StudiesNezami, Farbod N.; Wächter, Maximilian A.; Pipa, Gordon; König, Peter
14-Feb-2023Dendritic plateau potentials can process spike sequences across multiple time-scalesLeugering, Johannes; Nieters, Pascal; Pipa, Gordon
22-Nov-2022Transforming the generative pretrained transformer into augmented business text writerKhalil, Faisal; Pipa, Gordon
1-Nov-2019Moral Judgements on the Actions of Self-Driving Cars and Human Drivers in Dilemma Situations From Different PerspectivesKallioinen, Noa; Pershina, Maria; Zeiser, Jannik; Nezami, Farbod Nosrat; Pipa, Gordon; Stephan, Achim; König, Peter
9-Oct-2019How does the method change what we measure? Comparing virtual reality and text-based surveys for the assessment of moral decisions in traffic dilemmasSütfeld, Leon René; Ehinger, Benedikt V.; König, Peter; Pipa, Gordon