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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Dec-2021UV-Induced Skin Cancer Knowledge, Sun Exposure, and Tanning Behavior among University Students: Investigation of an Opportunity Sample of German University StudentsRocholl, Marc; Hannappel, Julia; Ludewig, Michaela; John, Swen Malte
21-Jun-2022Skin Toxicity of Selected Hair Cosmetic Ingredients: A Review Focusing on HairdressersSymanzik, Cara; Weinert, Patricia; Babić, Željka; Hallmann, Sarah; Havmose, Martin Stibius; Johansen, Jeanne Duus; Kezic, Sanja; Macan, Marija; Macan, Jelena; Strahwald, Julia; Turk, Rajka; van der Molen, Henk F.; John, Swen Malte; Uter, Wolfgang
26-Apr-2023Illness Perceptions of Patients with Occupational Skin Diseases in a Healthcare Centre for Tertiary Prevention: A Cross-Sectional StudyRocholl, Marc; Wilke, Annika; Meyer, Julia; John, Swen Malte; Ludewig, Michaela
12-Dec-2018Interdisciplinary and multiprofessional outpatient secondary individual prevention of work-related skin diseases in the metalworking industry: 1-year follow-up of a patient cohortWilke, Annika; Gediga, Günther; Goergens, Andreas; Hansen, Andreas; Hübner, Anja; John, Swen Malte; Nordheider, Kathrin; Rocholl, Marc; Weddeling, Sabine; Wulfhorst, Britta; Nashan, Dorothée
27-Jul-2016Milk miRNAs: simple nutrients or systemic functional regulators?Melnik, Bodo C.; Kakulas, Foteini; Geddes, Donna T.; Hartmann, Peter E.; John, Swen Malte; Carrera-Bastos, Pedro; Cordain, Loren; Schmitz, Gerd
7-May-2021Illness perceptions of adults with eczematous skin diseases: a systematic mixed studies reviewRocholl, Marc; Ludewig, Michaela; Brakemeier, Carola; John, Swen Malte; Wilke, Annika
2-Sep-2019Outdoor workers’ perceptions of skin cancer risk and attitudes to sun‐protective measures : A qualitative studyRocholl, Marc; Ludewig, Michaela; John, Swen Malte; Bitzer, Eva Maria; Wilke, Annika
14-Jun-2023Teledermatological Follow-Up Consultations in Individual Prevention of Occupational Dermatoses: A Monocentric Feasibility Study on Quality and Satisfaction by Patients and PhysiciansGill, Carina; Fischer, Ann-Kristin; Dicke, Katja; Teigelake, Björn; Brans, Richard; Skudlik, Christoph; John, Swen Malte; Symanzik, Cara
7-Jun-2021Exosome-Derived MicroRNAs of Human Milk and Their Effects on Infant Health and DevelopmentMelnik, Bodo C.; Stremmel, Wolfgang; Weiskirchen, Ralf; John, Swen Malte; Schmitz, Gerd
12-May-2023Illness perceptions of occupational hand eczema in German patients based on the common-sense model of self-regulation: A qualitative studyBuse, Anna-Sophie; Wilke, Annika; John, Swen Malte; Hansen, Andreas