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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Dec-2017Krimilandschaft Deutschland - Der Münster-KrimiHindersmann, Jost
13-Feb-2017Modeling of Large-Scale Functional Brain Networks Based on Structural Connectivity from DTI: Comparison with EEG Derived Phase Coupling Networks and Evaluation of Alternative Methods along the Modeling PathFinger, Holger; Bönstrup, Marlene; Cheng, Bastian; Messé, Arnaud; Hilgetag, Claus; Thomalla, Götz; Gerloff, Christian; König, Peter
19-Dec-2017Treelines—Approaches at Different ScalesHoltmeier, Friedrich-Karl; Broll, Gabriele
27-Mar-2017Learning New Sensorimotor Contingencies: Effects of Long-Term Use of Sensory Augmentation on the Brain and Conscious PerceptionKönig, Sabine U.; Schumann, Frank; Keyser, Johannes; Goeke, Caspar; Krause, Carina; Wache, Susan; Lytochkin, Aleksey; Ebert, Manuel; Brunsch, Vincent; Wahn, Basil; Kaspar, Kai; Nagel, Saskia K.; Meilinger, Tobias; Bülthoff, Heinrich; Wolbers, Thomas; Büchel, Christian; König, Peter
7-Aug-2017Open data in a scientific context : From research data management plans to research data repositoriesGronwald, Marco
11-May-2017In Vitro and In Vivo Studies on the Structural Organization of Chs3 from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeGohlke, Simon; Muthukrishnan, Subbaratnam; Merzendorfer, Hans
14-Jun-2017Redetermination of the crystal structure of dimethylbis[2,4-pentanedionato(1-)- j 2 O 2 , O 4 ]- tin(IV)Reuter, Hans; Reichelt, Martin
11-May-2017Population control methods in stochastic extinction and outbreak scenariosHilker, Frank M.; Segura, Juan; Franco, Daniel
1-Dec-2017Familial transmission of a body-related attentional bias - An eye-tracking study in a nonclinical sample of female adolescents and their mothersBauer, Anika; Schneider, Silvia; Waldorf, Manuel; Adolph, Dirk; Vocks, Silja
27-Mar-2017Pupil Sizes Scale with Attentional Load and Task Experience in a Multiple Object Tracking TaskWahn, Basil; Ferris, Daniel P.; Hairston, W. David; König, Peter