FB05 - Hochschulschriften [125]


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jul-2023Maize Grain Germination Is Accompanied by Acidification of the EnvironmentWellmann, Konrad; Varnskühler, Jens; Leubner-Metzger, Gerhard; Mummenhoff, Klaus
11-Jul-2023Phylogeny and Flow Cytometry of the Genus Kalidium Moq. (Amaranthaceae s.l.) in KazakhstanOsmonali, B. B.; Vesselova, P. V.; Kudabayeva, G. M.; Skaptsov, M. V.; Shmakov, A. I.; Friesen, N.
25-May-2023Rapid response of vascular plants and insects to restoration of montane grasslandsHelbing, Felix; Fartmann, Thomas; Morkel, Carsten; Poniatowski, Dominik
26-May-2023Tracking wintering areas and post-breeding migration of a declining farmland bird – An indispensable basis for successful conservationKämpfer, Steffen; Kruckenberg, Helmut; Düttmann, Heinz; Kölzsch, Andrea; Jiguet, Frédéric; Bocher, Pierrick; Fartmann, Thomas
17-Dec-2022Low-intensity land use fosters species richness of threatened butterflies and grasshoppers in mires and grasslandsFumy, Florian; Fartmann, Thomas
6-Mar-2023An updated classification of the Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)German, Dmitry A.; Hendriks, Kasper P.; Koch, Marcus A.; Lens, Frederic; Lysak, Martin A.; Bailey, C. Donovan; Mummenhoff, Klaus; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.
19-Dec-2022Factors Required for Adhesion of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium to Lactuca sativa (Lettuce)Elpers, Laura; Lüken, Lena; Lange, Fabio; Hensel, Michael
2-Mar-2023Manipulation of microvillar proteins during Salmonella enterica invasion results in brush border effacement and actin remodelingFelipe-López, Alfonso; Hansmeier, Nicole; Danzer, Claudia; Hensel, Michael
13-Feb-2023Faroe Islands rephotography image registration datasetSchaffland, Axel; Schöning, Julius
23-Dec-2022"Burger.i.doo" - An Innovative Education Game for the Assessment of Sustainability from Meat and Substitute Products in Science EducationKorte, Tatjana; Otte, Lars; Amel, Henning; Beeken, Marco
29-Jun-2023Free word association analysis of German laypeople’s perception of biodiversity and its lossEylering, Annike; Neufeld, Kerstin; Kottmann, Felix; Holt, Sebastian; Fiebelkorn, Florian
3-Apr-2023Molecular changes in hippocampal energy metabolism in mice selectively bred for extremes in stress reactivity: Relevance of mitochondrial dysfunction for affective disordersRappeneau, Virginie; Koti, Prasanna; Wilmes, Lars; Widner-Andrae, Regina; Busch, Karin; Touma, Chadi
14-Dec-2022Allium sulaimanicum: A new Allium species and section from PakistanKhan, Nazar; Friesen, Nikolai; Sultan, Amir; Fritsch, Reinhard M.; Khan, Tahir; Ishaq, Kamran
29-Jul-2022Neprilysins regulate muscle contraction and heart function via cleavage of SERCA-inhibitory micropeptidesSchiemann, Ronja; Buhr, Annika; Cordes, Eva; Walter, Stefan; Heinisch, Jürgen J.; Ferrero, Paola; Milting, Hendrik; Paululat, Achim; Meyer, Heiko
16-Nov-2022‘Root of all success’: Plasticity in root architecture of invasive wild radish for adaptive benefitBhattacharya, Samik; Gröne, Franziska; Przesdzink, Felix; Ziffer-Berger, Jotham; Barazani, Oz; Mummenhoff, Klaus; Kappert, Niels
15-Nov-2022Exposure to stressors and antimicrobials induces cell-autonomous ultrastructural heterogeneity of an intracellular bacterial pathogenSchulte, Marc; Hensel, Michael; Miskiewicz, Katarzyna
19-Jul-2022Neurobiological Mechanisms Modulating Emotionality, Cognition and Reward-Related Behaviour in High-Fat Diet-Fed RodentsZiemens, Dorothea; Touma, Chadi; Rappeneau, Virginie
18-Jul-2022The Intracellular Distribution of the Small GTPase Rho5 and Its Dimeric Guanidine Nucleotide Exchange Factor Dck1/Lmo1 Determine Their Function in Oxidative Stress ResponseBischof, Linnet; Schweitzer, Franziska; Sterk, Carolin C.; Heinisch, Jürgen J.
3-Aug-2022Citizen Science as an Innovative Approach to Analyze Spatial and Temporal Influences on Nitrate Pollution of Water Bodies: Results of a Participatory Research Project in GermanyBrockhage, Frauke; Lüsse, Mientje; Klasmeier, Jörg; Pietzner, Verena; Beeken, Marco
2-Jul-2022Effect of Environmental Temperatures on Proteome Composition of Salmonella enterica Serovar TyphimuriumElpers, Laura; Deiwick, Jörg; Hensel, Michael