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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Sep-2021Capillary stamping for bioanalytics and spatial manipulation of protein-protein interactions in live cellsPhilippi, Michael
31-Aug-2021Gezielte Synthese und strukturelle Untersuchung gemischtvalenter OrganozinnverbindungenHenkel, Felix Alexander
8-Jun-2021Einfluss von NaF auf die Nukleation von β-NaSEF4-Nanokristallen der Seltenen Erden SE=Sm-Lu,YCzerny, Jacqueline
3-Jun-2021The role of Rho5 in oxidative stress response and glucose signalling in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSterk, Carolin Christin
27-Apr-2021Learning prerequisites for education for sustainable nutrition: high school students’ human-nature relationship and conceptions of sustainable nutritionDornhoff-Grewe, Maximilian
27-Apr-2021Genes Documenting History: Biogeographical Dynamics of Selected Brassicaceae Taxa and Climate-landscape History of the Eurasian Steppe BeltZerdoner Calasan, Anze
19-Apr-2021Die Inverse Gaschromatographie als Charakterisierungstechnik für Oberflächen - Untersuchungen an oberflächenmodifizierten Silica-MaterialienMeyer, Ralf Frank
30-Mar-2021Dotierte Nanomaterialien für optische Anwendungen und leitfähige SchichtenCarl, Frederike
18-Sep-2020Synthese, strukturelle Studien und chemische Funktionalität eines Lewis-Säure-Lewis-Base-transformierten Organo-Zinn(IV)-PräkursorsGieschen, Tobias
10-Jul-2020Taking the long way around: Worldwide geographical structure of the cosmopolitan weed Capsella bursa-pastoris (Brassicaceae)Wesse, Christina
1-Jul-2020Determination of the spatiotemporal organization of mitochondrial membrane proteins by 2D and 3D single particle tracking and localization microscopy in living cellsDellmann, Timo
3-Feb-2020Genetic analysis of Helosciadium repens (Jacq.) W.D.J.Koch populations in Germany - Fundamental research for conservation managementHerden, Tobias
10-Dec-2019Nanoporous block copolymer stamps: design and applicationsHou, Peilong
26-Nov-2019Steigerung der Quantenausbeute von aufwärtskonvertierenden NaYF4-NanokristallenHomann, Christian
26-Nov-2019UV Emitting Nanoscale Scintillators for Biomedical ApplicationsEspinoza Villalba, Sara
19-Nov-2019Controlling the Curing and the Post-Curing State of Polysiloxane Coatings for Release Liners ApplicationCasallas Cruz, Xihomara Lizzet
30-Oct-2019Topographically Patterned Surfaces as Substrates for Functional Particle ArraysHan, Weijia
3-Jun-2019Capillary nanostamping with spongy mesoporous silica stampsSchmidt, Mercedes
23-May-2019Inferring the phylogeny of problematic metazoan taxa using mitogenomic and phylogenomic dataGolombek, Anja
23-May-2019Pre-service Biology Teachers’ Emotions towards Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject-specific Teacher Professional DevelopmentBüssing, Alexander Georg