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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2022Insulator-Assisted Regular Arrays of Metal Centres via Metal-Organic CompoundsLaflör, Linda
9-Dec-2022Advances in Structural LEED Analyses of Silicon SurfacesBahlmann, Jascha
13-Sep-2022NC-AFM high-resolution studies of the calcite(104) surface at low temperatures with and without submonolayer of CO and H2OHeggemann, Jonas
6-Sep-2022Aspects of Non-Equilibrium Behavior in Isolated Quantum SystemsHeveling, Robin
13-Jun-2022Classical versus Quantum Dynamics in Interacting Spin SystemsSchubert, Dennis
1-Jun-2022From Magnetite to Cobalt Ferrite Thin Films: New Perspectives for the Growth of Thin Ferrite Films for their Application in SpintronicsThien, Jannis
24-May-2022Quantum Dynamics in Lattice Models of Interacting Spins and FermionsHeitmann, Tjark
5-Jan-2022Molecular Modelling of Monovalent Cations in Energy-Converting ProteinsShalaeva, Daria N.
3-Dec-2021Influence of wind power feed-in and synchronous machine impedances on transient stability of heterogeneous power gridsGries, Matthias Friedemann
8-Nov-2021Click Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for Nano-Bio ApplicationsManoharan, Gririraj
19-Aug-2021Structural and magnetic properties of ultrathin Fe3O4 films: cation- and lattice-site-selective studies by synchrotron radiation-based techniquesPohlmann, Tobias
12-Feb-2021Advancement of growth and characteristics of ultrathin ferrite filmsRodewald, Jari Michael
25-Jan-2021Laserbasierte Sensorik an funktionalen Oberflächen auf Basis von Puls-Chirp und kohärenter Lichtstreuung. Von der grundlagenphysikalischen Modellierung zu neuen Anwendungen in der Inline-QualitätssicherungRischmüller, Jörg
15-Dec-2020Signal transduction and oligomerization – the role of a phototransducer signaling domainOrban-Glaß, Ioan
29-Oct-2020Neue Ansätze zur linearen und nichtlinearen optischen Charakterisierung molekularer und nanokristalliner Ensembles: Zusammenhang zwischen makroskopischer Funktion und Struktur auf mesoskopischer Längenskala technologisch relevanter MaterialienBock, Sergej
28-Aug-2020Non-instantaneous polarization in perovskite-like ferroelectrics revealed by correlated (ultra)fast luminescence and absorption spectroscopy. On the formation of self-trapped excitons in lithium niobate and their relation to small electron and hole polaron pairsKrampf, Andreas
10-Jun-2020Time-resolved and temperature-dependent EPR of conformational dynamics: A spectroscopic view of IGPS, SRII/HtrII and ChR2Schumacher, Magdalena
8-May-2020From initial growth of ultrathin Fe3O4 films up to NiFe2O4 formation through interdiffusion of Fe3O4/NiO bilayers on Nb:SrTiO3(001)Kuschel, Olga
21-Apr-2020Quantum many-body dynamics of isolated systems close to and far away from equilibriumRichter, Jonas
26-Feb-2020New insight into the interaction of light with tailored and photofunctional materials: the role of (dis-)order, periodicity and symmetryBourdon, Björn