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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2020The effect of optimism bias and governmental action on siltation management within Japanese reservoirs surveyed via artificial neural networkLandwehr, Tobias; Kantoush, Sameh Ahmed; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia; Sumi, Tetsuya; Irie, Mitsuteru
26-Oct-2019Integrated and Participatory Design of Sustainable Development Strategies on Multiple Governance LevelsHeitmann, Fabian; Halbe, Johannes; Pahl-Wostl, Claudia
30-Jun-2022Hydromorphological Assessment as a Tool for River Basin Management: Problems with the German Field Survey Method at the Transition of Two EcoregionsEl Hourani, Mariam; Härtling, Joachim; Broll, Gabriele
3-Feb-2021Soil Protection in Floodplains — A ReviewEl Hourani, Mariam; Broll, Gabriele
19-Dec-2017Treelines—Approaches at Different ScalesHoltmeier, Friedrich-Karl; Broll, Gabriele
8-Mar-2022Crop Residue Management Strategies to Reduce Nitrogen Losses during the Winter Leaching Period after Autumn Spinach HarvestFrerichs, Christian; Glied-Olsen, Stephan; De Neve, Stefaan; Broll, Gabriele; Daum, Diemo
29-Jun-2018Subalpine Forest and Treeline Ecotone under the Influence of Disturbances: A ReviewHoltmeier, Friedrich-Karl; Broll, Gabriele
26-Dec-2019Treeline Research - From the Roots of the Past to Present Time. A ReviewHoltmeier, Friedrich-Karl; Broll, Gabriele
6-Oct-2022Case Study: Assessing The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Potential for a More Climate-Friendly Work-Related MobilityWilke, Dennis; Rau, Henriette; Härtling, Joachim W.