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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Sep-2021Advances in Vehicle Automation: Ethics and TechnologySütfeld, Leon René
30-Mar-2021On the Relation between Representation and Embodiment in Spatial CognitionKuske, Nicolas
18-Oct-2021Individuellen und kollektiven Krisen anders begegnen: Warum Psychotherapie gesellschaftskritisch, wandel- und resonanzorientiert werden muss und wie dies gelingen kannSchwarz, Bettina
30-Mar-2021Mental Health Support for Refugees- Integrating Brazilian PerspectivesDuden, Gesa Solveig
15-Jun-2021Embodied emotions: The role of sex hormones in emotional processingGamsakhurdashvili, Dali
9-Sep-2021Interkulturelle Kompetenz in der Pflege von Patienten mit Migrationshintergrund – Analyse und Erfassung pflegespezifischer Dimensionen von Interkultureller Kompetenz im KrankenhausKoppe, Annika
16-Aug-2021Authentic Fear Responses in Virtual Reality: A Mobile EEG Study on Affective, Behavioral and Electrophysiological Correlates of FearKisker, Joanna; Lange, Leon; Flinkenflügel, Kira; Kaup, Michael; Labersweiler, Nils; Tetenborg, Falk; Ott, Paula; Gundler, Christopher; Gruber, Thomas; Osinsky, Roman; Schöne, Benjamin
18-Feb-2021Overcoming limitations of self-report: an assessment of fear of weight gain in anorexia nervosa and healthy controls using implicit association testsBorgers, Tiana; Krüger, Nathalie; Vocks, Silja; Thomas, Jennifer J.; Plessow, Franziska; Hartmann, Andrea S.
31-Aug-2021Pragmatic Prediction in the Processing of Referring Expressions Containing Scalar QuantifiersMacuch Silva, Vinicius; Franke, Michael
25-May-2021ImaginYouth - A Therapist-Guided Internet-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Program for Adolescents and Young Adults With Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Study Protocol for a Two-Arm Randomized Controlled TrialHartmann, Andrea S.; Schmidt, Michaela; Staufenbiel, Thomas; Ebert, David D.; Martin, Alexandra; Schoenenberg, Katrin