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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2020Global visual salience of competing stimuliHernández-García, Alex; Gameiro, Ricardo Ramos; Grillini, Alessandro; König, Peter
6-May-2020The development of narrative skills in Turkish-speaking children: A complexity approachÖgel Balaban, Hale; Hohenberger, Annette
3-Mar-2021Embodied Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in Immersive Virtual Reality : Comparison to Map ExplorationKönig, Sabine U.; Keshava, Ashima; Clay, Viviane; Rittershofer, Kirsten; Kuske, Nicolas; König, Peter
10-May-2022Towards Efficient Convolutional Neural Architecture DesignRichter, Mats L.
18-Feb-2020Radicalization Through the Lens of Situated AffectivityHaq, Hina; Shaheed, Saad; Stephan, Achim
31-Aug-2021Pragmatic Prediction in the Processing of Referring Expressions Containing Scalar QuantifiersMacuch Silva, Vinicius; Franke, Michael
8-Mar-2021Westdrive X LoopAR: An Open-Access Virtual Reality Project in Unity for Evaluating User Interaction Methods during Takeover RequestsNezami, Farbod N.; Wächter, Maximilian A.; Maleki, Nora; Spaniol, Philipp; Kühne, Lea M.; Haas, Anke; Pingel, Johannes M.; Tiemann, Linus; Nienhaus, Frederik; Keller, Lynn; König, Sabine U.; König, Peter; Pipa, Gordon
24-Mar-2020Onlife Extremism: Dynamic Integration of Digital and Physical Spaces in RadicalizationValentini, Daniele; Lorusso, Anna; Stephan, Achim
28-Feb-2020Hyperscanning: A Valid Method to Study Neural Inter-brain Underpinnings of Social InteractionCzeszumski, Artur; Eustergerling, Sara; Lang, Anne; Menrath, David; Gerstenberger, Michael; Schuberth, Susanne; Schreiber, Felix; Rendon, Zadkiel Zuluaga; König, Peter
31-Jan-2020Project Westdrive: Unity City With Self-Driving Cars and Pedestrians for Virtual Reality StudiesNezami, Farbod N.; Wächter, Maximilian A.; Pipa, Gordon; König, Peter