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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2009Verwilderter Raps im Osnabrücker Land: Erfassung, Charakterisierung und AuskreuzungspotenzialElling, Barbara
17-Dec-2019Genetic diversity of Helosciadium repens (Jacq.) W.D.J. Koch (Apiaceae) in Germany, a Crop Wild Relative of celeryHerden, Tobias; Bönisch, Maria; Friesen, Nikolai
15-Jun-2020Physiological and anatomical differentiation of two sympatric weed populationsNeuffer​, Barbara; Schorsch, Michael; Hameister, Steffen; Knuesting, Johannes; Selinski, Jennifer; Scheibe, Renate
13-Nov-2020Geographical pattern of genetic diversity in Capsella bursa-pastoris (Brassicaceae) - A global perspectiveWesse, Christina; Welk, Erik; Hurka, Herbert; Neuffer, Barbara
29-Jul-2020Transformation of Riccia fluitans, an Amphibious Liverwort Dynamically Responding to Environmental ChangesAlthoff, Felix; Zachgo, Sabine
2-Mar-2021A story from the Miocene: Clock‐dated phylogeny of Sisymbrium L. (Sisymbrieae, Brassicaceae)Čalasan, Anže Žerdoner; German, Dmitry A.; Hurka, Herbert; Neuffer, Barbara
18-Aug-2021Pleistocene dynamics of the Eurasian steppe as a driving force of evolution: Phylogenetic history of the genus Capsella (Brassicaceae)Čalasan, Anže Žerdoner; Hurka, Herbert; German, Dmitry A.; Pfanzelt, Simon; Blattner, Frank R.; Seidl, Anna; Neuffer, Barbara
25-Nov-2019Ecotypes or phenotypic plasticity - The aquatic and terrestrial forms of Helosciadium repens (Apiaceae)Herden, Tobias; Friesen, Nikolai
14-Dec-2022Allium sulaimanicum: A new Allium species and section from PakistanKhan, Nazar; Friesen, Nikolai; Sultan, Amir; Fritsch, Reinhard M.; Khan, Tahir; Ishaq, Kamran