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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2019Can a Like Save the Planet? Comparing Antecedents of and Correlations Between Environmental Liking on Social Media, Money Donation, and VolunteeringBüssing, Alexander Georg; Thielking, Annelene; Menzel, Susanne
3-Oct-2019Analysis of the protein composition of the spindle pole body during sporulation in Ashbya gossypiiWabner, Dario; Overhageböck, Tom; Nordmann, Doris; Kronenberg, Julia; Kramer, Florian; Schmitz, Hans-Peter
6-Nov-2019Naturally-primed life strategy plasticity of dimorphic Aethionema arabicum facilitates optimal habitat colonizationBhattacharya, Samik; Sperber, Katja; Özüdogru, Baris; Leubner-Metzger, Gerhard; Mummenhoff, Klaus
13-Nov-2019MitoCLox: A Novel Mitochondria-Targeted Fluorescent Probe for Tracing Lipid PeroxidationLyamzaev, Konstantin G.; Sumbatyan, Natalia V.; Nesterenko, Alexey M.; Kholina, Ekaterina G.; Voskoboynikova, Natalia; Steinhoff, Heinz-Jürgen; Mulkidjanian, Armen Y.; Chernyak, Boris V.
14-May-2019Biology Teachers’ Worldviews on the Global Distribution and Loss of Biodiversity: A GIS-Based Mental-Mapping ApproachFiebelkorn, Florian; Menzel, Susanne
25-Nov-2019Ecotypes or phenotypic plasticity - The aquatic and terrestrial forms of Helosciadium repens (Apiaceae)Herden, Tobias; Friesen, Nikolai
7-Nov-2019Analysis of Functional Domains in Rho5, the Yeast Homolog of Human Rac1 GTPase, in Oxidative Stress ResponseSterk, Carolin; Gräber, Lauren; Schmitz, Hans-Peter; Heinisch, Jürgen J.
17-Jul-2019Social Defeat Modulates T Helper Cell Percentages in Stress Susceptible and Resilient MiceAmbrée, Oliver; Ruland, Christina; Zwanzger, Peter; Klotz, Luisa; Baune, Bernhard T; Arolt, Volker; Scheu, Stefanie; Alferink, Judith
7-Mar-2019Nature Relatedness and Environmental Concern of Young People in Ecuador and GermanyDornhoff, Maximilian; Sothmann, Jan-Niklas; Fiebelkorn, Florian; Menzel, Susanne
24-Apr-2019Impact of ROS-Induced Damage of TCA Cycle Enzymes on Metabolism and Virulence of Salmonella enterica serovar TyphimuriumNoster, Janina; Persicke, Marcus; Chao, Tzu-Chiao; Krone, Lena; Heppner, Bianca; Hensel, Michael; Hansmeier, Nicole