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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2022Synthese, Charakterisierung und Untersuchung der spektroskopischen Eigenschaften von Nanopartikeln mit Gagarinit- und ApatitstrukturWehmeier, Jannis
19-May-2022Partizipative Forschung zur Nitratbelastung: Mit Citizen Science die Nitratbelastung von Gewässern erforschen (Themenheft 1)Brockhage, Frauke; Lüsse, Mientje; Pietzner, Verena; Beeken, Marco
12-Apr-2022Assembly and composition of the cECM is critical for heart physiologyLammers, Kay
27-Apr-2021Learning prerequisites for education for sustainable nutrition: high school students’ human-nature relationship and conceptions of sustainable nutritionDornhoff-Grewe, Maximilian
14-Oct-2022Functional in vivo characterization of Neprilysin as a central regulator of insulin signaling and muscle contraction in Drosophila melanogasterSchiemann, Ronja Thea
1-Jul-2020Determination of the spatiotemporal organization of mitochondrial membrane proteins by 2D and 3D single particle tracking and localization microscopy in living cellsDellmann, Timo
10-May-2022Structural and functional analysis of the Salmonella pathogenicity island 4 encoded type-I secretion system and its interaction with a methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteinHoffmann, Stefanie
10-May-2022From relict to future model? Common pastures as biodiversity refuges in the pre-alpine agricultural landscapeSchwarz, Cinja
15-Jul-2022Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Assembly and Activation of Class II Cytokine ReceptorsSotolongo Bellón, Junel
27-Apr-2021Genes Documenting History: Biogeographical Dynamics of Selected Brassicaceae Taxa and Climate-landscape History of the Eurasian Steppe BeltZerdoner Calasan, Anze