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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2019Pre-service Biology Teachers’ Emotions towards Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject-specific Teacher Professional DevelopmentBüssing, Alexander Georg
24-Jul-2020Topic Specificity and Antecedents for Preservice Biology Teachers’ Anticipated Enjoyment for Teaching About Socioscientific Issues: Investigating Universal Values and Psychological DistanceBüssing, Alexander Georg; Dupont, Jacqueline; Menzel, Susanne
28-Aug-2019Can a Like Save the Planet? Comparing Antecedents of and Correlations Between Environmental Liking on Social Media, Money Donation, and VolunteeringBüssing, Alexander Georg; Thielking, Annelene; Menzel, Susanne
21-Dec-2018Do Pre-service Teachers Dance with Wolves? Subject-Specific Teacher Professional Development in A Recent Biodiversity Conservation IssueBüssing, Alexander Georg; Schleper, Maike; Menzel, Susanne
8-May-2020Virtual Reality Nature Experiences Involving Wolveson YouTube: Presence, Emotions, and Attitudes inImmersive and Nonimmersive SettingsFilter, Elin; Eckes, Alexander; Fiebelkorn, Florian; Büssing, Alexander Georg
16-Jun-2020Do German Student Biology Teachers Intend to Eat Sustainably? Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior with Nature Relatedness and Environmental ConcernWeber, Alina; Büssing, Alexander Georg; Jarzyna, Raphael; Fiebelkorn, Florian
12-Sep-2019An adapted concept mapping technique to help conservation implementation – Exemplified for wolves returning to Lower Saxony in GermanyBüssing, Alexander Georg; Jannink, Nina; Scholz, Geeske; Halbe, Johannes