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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2016The Crystal Structure of the C-Terminal Domain of the Salmonella enterica PduO Protein: An Old Fold with a New Heme-Binding ModeOrtiz de Orué Lucana, Dario; Hickey, Neal; Hensel, Michael; Klare, Johann P.; Geremia, Silvano; Tiufiakova, Tatiana; Torda, Andrew E.
27-Jul-2016The N-Terminus of the Floral Arabidopsis TGA Transcription Factor PERIANTHIA Mediates Redox-Sensitive DNA-BindingGutsche, Nora; Zachgo, Sabine
27-Apr-2016Nucleolipids of Canonical Purine ß-d-Ribo-Nucleosides: Synthesis and Cytostatic/Cytotoxic Activities Toward Human and Rat Glioblastoma CellsKnies, Christine; Hammerbacher, Katharina; Bonaterra, Gabriel A.; Kinscherf, Ralf; Rosemeyer, Helmut
14-Nov-2016S100B Serum Levels Predict Treatment Response in Patients with Melancholic DepressionAmbrée, Oliver; Bergink, Veerle; Grosse, Laura; Alferink, Judith; Drexhage, Hemmo A; Rothermundt, Matthias; Arolt, Volker; Birkenhäger, Tom K
29-Aug-2016Deciphering the Transcriptional Response Mediated by the Redox-Sensing System HbpS-SenS-SenR from StreptomycetesBusche, Tobias; Winkler, Anika; Wedderhoff, Ina; Rückert, Christian; Kalinowski, Jörn; Ortiz de Orué Lucana, Darío
5-Aug-2016Microcompartmentation of cell wall integrity sensors in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeKock, Christian
28-Sep-2016Functional topographically patterned surfacesEichler-Volf, Anna
4-Aug-2016Crosstalk of signaling pathways for cell wall integrity, cytokinesis and glucose metabolism in the milk yeast Kluyveromyces lactisRippert, Dorthe
22-Jun-2016Computational Image Analysis, Evolutionary Bioinformatics and Modeling of Molecular Interactions of TauSündermann, Frederik
8-Dec-2016Sensibilisierung von Nd3+ durch Ce3+ und Eu2+ - Effiziente Materialien für die Konversion von blauer in nahinfrarote StrahlungMöller, Stephanie