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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2014Untersuchungen zum Einfluss optischer Elektronegativität fluoridischer Wirtsstrukturen auf die Position der Kristallfeldkomponenten der [Xe]4f15d1-Konfiguration von trivalentem PraseodymHerden, Benjamin
11-Aug-2014Untersuchungen zur Stimulus-Wahrnehmung und Regulation des Zweikomponenten-Systems KdpD/KdpE aus Escherichia coliLaermann, Vera
7-Jan-2014Self-assembly of Benzenesulfonate Amphiphiles and Synthesis of Membranes Containing Self-assembled Supramolecular Transport ChannelsSong, Enfeng
4-Apr-2014Nucleolipids and Lipo-Oligonucleotides of 5-Fluorouridine: Synthesis, Biological Applications and ImmobilizationMalecki, Edith
30-Oct-2014Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Amphiphilic Gradient Copolymers by Atom Transfer Radical PolymerizationSchwitke, Sandra
24-Sep-2014Microcompartmentalization of Cell Wall Integrity Signaling in Kluyveromyces lactisMeyer, Sascha
24-Nov-2014Structure and function of Colicin A / Cai and PutP studied by site directed spin labeling EPR spectroscopyDunkel, Sabrina
15-May-2014Herstellung, Kristallisation und Charakterisierung von Natrium-Seltenerd-Fluorid-NanopartikelnVoß, Benjamin
26-Feb-2014Identifying the essential role of uncharacterized ferredoxin-like proteins in plant developmentGoss, Tatjana
10-Sep-2014Incorporation of lipophilic nucleic acid single strands with different nucleolipid head groups into an artificial lipid bilayerWerz, Emma; Brending, Niklas; Könemann, Marco; Rosemeyer, Helmut