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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Feb-2018Conformational changes of alpha-synuclein, ABC and ECF transporters observed by high pressure EPR and DEERSippach, Michael
16-May-2018Berührungslose optische Sensorik an technischen Oberflächen: Neue Konzepte und die Rolle ultrakurzer LaserpulseEggert, Juliane
30-May-2018NC-AFM studies on CeO2 film and CeO2 crystal surfacesOlbrich, Reinhard
30-Apr-2018Normal Behaviour Models for Wind Turbine Vibrations: Comparison of Neural Networks and a Stochastic ApproachLind, Pedro G.; Vera-Tudela, Luis; Wächter, Matthias; Kühn, Martin; Peinke, Joachim
14-May-2018Chirp control of femtosecond-pulse scattering from drag-reducing surface-relief gratingsEggert, Juliane; Bourdon, Björn; Nolte, Stefan; Rischmüller, Jörg; Imlau, Mirco
30-Apr-2018Resilience of electricity grids against transmission line overloads under wind power injection at different nodesSchiel, Christoph; Lind, Pedro G.; Maass, Philipp
16-Nov-2018Mutual interactions of femtosecond pulses and transient gratings in nonlinear optical spectroscopyNolte, Stefan
20-Aug-2018Investigation of the emergence of thermodynamic behavior in closed quantum systems and its relation to standard stochastic descriptionsSchmidtke, Daniel
28-Aug-2018Evaluation und Anwendung eines an die Elektrophysiologie des Vorhofes angepassten, vereinfachten Reaktions-Diffusions-Modells für die Ausbreitung von AktionspotentialenRichter, Yvonne
30-Jun-2018Impact of Strain and Morphology on Magnetic Properties of Fe3O4/NiO Bilayers Grown on Nb:SrTiO3(001) and MgO(001)Kuschel, Olga; Pathé, Nico; Schemme, Tobias; Ruwisch, Kevin; Rodewald, Jari; Buss, Ralph; Bertram, Florian; Kuschel, Timo; Kuepper, Karsten; Wollschläger, Joachim