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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2021In-vivo tracking of harmonic nanoparticles: a study based on a TIGER widefield microscope [Invited]Vittadello, Laura; Kijatkin, Christian; Klenen, Jan; Dzikonski, Dustin; Kömpe, Karsten; Meyer, Christian; Paululat, Achim; Imlau, Mirco
19-Aug-2021Structural and magnetic properties of ultrathin Fe3O4 films: cation- and lattice-site-selective studies by synchrotron radiation-based techniquesPohlmann, Tobias
9-Apr-2021A modular optical honeycomb breadboard realized with 3D-printable building bricks and industrial aluminum extrusionsToschke, Yannic; Bourdon, Bjoern; Berben, Dirk; Imlaua, Mirco
28-Aug-2020Non-instantaneous polarization in perovskite-like ferroelectrics revealed by correlated (ultra)fast luminescence and absorption spectroscopy. On the formation of self-trapped excitons in lithium niobate and their relation to small electron and hole polaron pairsKrampf, Andreas
11-Apr-2020Inspection of Trivalent Chromium Conversion Coatings Using Laser Light: The Unexpected Role of Interference on Cold-Rolled AluminiumRischmueller, Joerg; Toschke, Yannic; Imlau, Mirco; Schlag, Mareike; Brüning, Hauke; Brune, Kai
10-Feb-2020Novel Fluorescent Mitochondria-Targeted Probe MitoCLox Reports Lipid Peroxidation in Response to Oxidative Stress In VivoLyamzaev, Konstantin G.; Panteleeva, Alisa A.; Karpukhina, Anna A.; Galkin, Ivan I.; Popova, Ekatherina N.; Pletjushkina, Olga Yu; Rieger, Bettina; Busch, Karin B.; Mulkidjanian, Armen Y.; Chernyak, Boris V.
9-Jul-2020Superposed picosecond luminescence kinetics in lithium niobate revealed by means of broadband fs-fluorescence upconversion spectroscopyKrampf, Andreas; Messerschmidt, Simon; Imlau, Mirco
14-Sep-2020Small-Polaron Hopping and Low-Temperature (45–225 K) Photo-Induced Transient Absorption in Magnesium-Doped Lithium NiobateMesserschmidt, Simon; Krampf, Andreas; Vittadello, Laura; Imlau, Mirco; Nörenberg, Tobias; Eng, Lukas M.; Emin, David
26-Feb-2021Conditional Action and Imperfect Erasure of QubitsSchmidt, Heinz-Jürgen
4-Mar-2021Lipid Dynamics in Diisobutylene-Maleic Acid (DIBMA) Lipid Particles in Presence of Sensory Rhodopsin IIVoskoboynikova, Natalia; Orekhov, Philipp; Bozdaganyan, Marine; Kodde, Felix; Rademacher, Malte; Schowe, Maurice; Budke-Gieseking, Annette; Brickwedde, Britta; Psathaki, Olympia-Ekaterini; Mulkidjanian, Armen Y.; Cosentino, Katia; Shaitan, Konstantin V.; Steinhoff, Heinz-Jürgen