Pristine and Doped Titanium Dioxide Studied by NC-AFM

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Title: Pristine and Doped Titanium Dioxide Studied by NC-AFM
Authors: Bechstein, Ralf
Thesis advisor: Dr. Angelika Kühnle
Thesis referee: Prof. Dr. Rubén Pérez
Abstract: A commercial non-contact atomic force microscope was improved to achieve utmost resolution on a routine basis. This system was used to study the (110) surface of rutile titanium dioxide. The focus was on understanding contrast formation in terms of tip-sample interaction mechanisms. Moreover, chromium and antimony-doped titanium dioxide was investigated. The implications of transition-metal doping on the surface structure of this highly interesting photocatalyst was studied at the atomic scale.
Subject Keywords: NC-AFM; AFM; SPM; titanium dioxide; titania; TiO2(110); antimony; chromium; photocatalysis
Issue Date: 2-Feb-2009
Type of publication: Dissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]
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