Trajectory and channeling effects in the scattering of ions off a metal surface - Probing the electronic density corrugation at a surface by grazing axial ion channeling

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dc.contributor.advisorProf. Dr. W. Heiland
dc.creatorRobin, Abel
dc.description.abstractThe presented work investigates planar and axial channeling effects in ion-surface collisions. Therefore, energy loss and charge state distributions depending on the crystalline surface direction are recorded and analyzed. Several additional scattering parameters, like the primary energy, the outgoing charge state, the scattering angle, and the angle of incidence are varied. Multi-peak structures in the energy spectra are observed under axial channeling conditions and attributed to different trajectory classes. Using combined trajectory and inelastic energy loss calculations we are able to unambiguously assign the different peaks in the energy spectra to the different types of trajectories found in the calculations. By this, we investigate the electronic density corrugation at different metal surfaces. Die vorliegende Arbeit untersucht den Einfluß von axialem und planarem Channeling auf den Energieverlust von oberflächengestreuten Ionen. Es werden Energieverlustspektren und Ladungsverteilungen in Abhängigkeit der Parameter Primärenergie, gestreuter Ladungszustand, Streuwinkel, Einfallswinkel und der azimuthalen Ausrichtung der Oberfläche gemessen. Im Fall von axialem Channeling beobachten wir in den Energiespektren eine Multi-Peak Struktur. Diese läßt sich auf unterschiedliche Teilchentrajektorien zurückführen. Zusammen mit theoretischen Berechnungen des inelastischen Energieverlustes kann eine eindeutige Zuordnung zwischen dem gemessenen Energieverlust und der dazugehörigen Trajektorienart gemacht werden. Diese Technik erlaubt es uns, die elektronische Dichtekorrugation an Oberflächen zu studieren.eng
dc.subjectIon surface scattering
dc.subjectSurface channeling
dc.subjectEnergy loss
dc.subjectTrajectory calculations
dc.subjectElectron density corrugation
dc.subject.ddc530 - Physikger
dc.titleTrajectory and channeling effects in the scattering of ions off a metal surface - Probing the electronic density corrugation at a surface by grazing axial ion channelingeng
dc.typeDissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]-
thesis.typeDissertation [thesis.doctoral]-
dc.contributor.refereeProf. Dr. G. Borstel
dc.subject.dnb29 - Physik, Astronomieger
dc.subject.pacs34.50.Bw - Energy loss and stopping powereng
dc.subject.pacs34.50.Dy - Interactions of atoms and molecules with surfaces; photon and electron emission; neutralization of ionseng
dc.subject.pacs61.85. plus peng
dc.subject.pacs79.20.Rf - Atomic, molecular, and ion beam impact and interactions with surfaceseng
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