Simulation of magneto-optical devices

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Titel: Simulation of magneto-optical devices
Autor(en): Zhuromskyy, Oleksandr
Erstgutachter: Prof. Dr. Peter Hertel
Zweitgutachter: Prof. Dr. Peter Hertel
Prof. Dr. Horst Dötsch
Zusammenfassung: This thesis is devoted to numerical simulations of integrated optical isolators and circulators. The results contain: Polarization independent isolators Different magneto-optical configurations are required to produce large nonreciprocal phase shifters for orthogonally polarized modes. The polarization independent isolator can be realized by placing two different nonreciprocal phase shifters into the interferometer arms. The light interferes constructively or destructively at the end of the interferometer depending on the propagation direction. Another possibility is to find a magnetic configuration that yields equal nonreciprocal phase shift for transverse electric (TE) and transversemagnetic (TM) modes. Compared to the concept of polarization independent isolators with two different phase shifters in the interferometer arms, the concept with a polarization independent phase shifter has an advantage: the entire length of the device can be almost halved placing an additional nonreciprocal phase shifter into the second arm. Another advantage is that the power loss inside the nonreciprocal phaseshifter may differ from that in the rest of the structure. For the non-symmetrical setup it can lead to a reduction of the device performance. Utilization of multimode waveguides in magneto-optical devices The principle distinction of a Mach-Zehnder type isolator and an isolator based on multimode imaging is that in the latter case the input power is distributed between modes propagating in the same waveguide, whereas in the first case two separate waveguides are used. Nonreciprocal phaseshifters with different effects on guided modes are needed to produce a magneto-optic multi-mode imaging (MMI) isolator or circulator. Multimode imaging splitters with non zero phase difference between the output modes can be used in integrated optical isolators. If the essential phase difference is utilized by the splitter, the rest of the interferometer should be symmetrical.
Schlagworte: integrated optics; dielectric waveguides; integrated optical isolator; integrated magneto-optics; multimode imaging
Erscheinungsdatum: 20-Feb-2001
Publikationstyp: Dissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]
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