Deleuze on Habit: Cognitive Science Beyond Prediction

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Title: Deleuze on Habit: Cognitive Science Beyond Prediction
Authors: Pablos, Alex B.
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Abstract: In my thesis, I analyse the paradigm shift in cognitive sciences towards a pragmatist approach, known as post-cognitivism, which recognises that cognition depends not only on the brain, but also on the dispositions of the body and the environment. This approach emerges from the convergence between pragmatist, computationalist and evolutionary analytical currents, and more dialectical and hermeneutic continental currents. Although apparently divergent, I point out that both currents share the concept of habitus as a routine and optimising dynamic. In dialogue with various authors such as M. Heras-Escribano, K. Friston, E. Di Paolo or J. Bruineberg, I show how their "habit-centred epistemology" leads to other assumptions and another normativity for the cognitive sciences, which reveals that they understand cognition as exclusively focused on the search for adaptation, equilibrium, "homeostasis" or prediction of the environment, in short, they start from a principle similar to that which governs the balance between supply and demand. I make some objections to this view. Furthermore, I propose to explore a marginal conception of habitus in the history of these sciences, inspired by Deleuze's work. This approach conceptualises habitus as something expansive, generating diversity and deepening, breaking with the “habit-goal” dualism” and avoiding a mechanical understanding of it. Thus, cognitive sciences are envisioned that aim to understand cognition beyond its predictive function.
Citations: Publications of the Institute of Cognitive Science (PICS), Volume 2024, Number 1
Subject Keywords: Post-cognitivism; 4E-cognition; habit-centered epistemology; G. Deleuze; free-energy principle; habit-goal dualism
Issue Date: 2-May-2024
License name: Attribution 3.0 Germany
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Type of publication: Monographie [Monograph]
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