Precise quantification of forces and charges at the atomic scale by non-contact atomic force and charge force microscopy

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dc.contributor.advisorProf. Dr. Michael Reichlingger
dc.creatorHeile, Daniel-
dc.description.abstractIn this thesis, four major results novel to the field of NC-AFM, are introduced. First, the force curve alignment (FCA) method, a procedure facilitating the accurate and precise measurement of force curves, free from experimental artefacts and systematic error. Second, the established quantitative AFM theory exclusively considering a tip sampling path parallel to the data recording path is expanded, to describe an arbitrary tip oscillation direction with respect to the data recording path. Third, the theoretical foundation for charge force microscopy (CFM), a method for quantitatively retrieving charges from distant dependent Kelvin probe force microscopy data, is developed. Fourth, the FCA method and CFM in combination are employed experimentally on a cerium dioxide supported gold nanoparticle facilitating the quantification of its static charge state.eng
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 Germany*
dc.subjectquantitative force measurementeng
dc.subjectquantitative charge measurementeng
dc.subjectNon-Contact Atomic Force Microscopyeng
dc.subjectKelvin Probe Force Microscopyeng
dc.subjectScanning Probe Microscopyeng
dc.subjectAtomic Force Microscopyeng
dc.subjectCharge Force Microscopyeng
dc.subjectsampling patheng
dc.subjectinclined oscillationeng
dc.subjectcerium dioxideeng
dc.subjectgold nanoparticleeng
dc.subjectclassical electromagnetismeng
dc.subjectFinite-Element methodeng
dc.subjectSolid surfaceseng
dc.subjectSolid-solid interfaceseng
dc.subjectOxide surfaceeng
dc.subject.ddc530 - Physikger
dc.titlePrecise quantification of forces and charges at the atomic scale by non-contact atomic force and charge force microscopyeng
dc.typeDissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]-
thesis.typeDissertation [thesis.doctoral]-
dc.contributor.refereeDr. Clemens Barthger
dc.subject.bk33.68 - Oberflächen, Dünne Schichten, Grenzflächenger
dc.subject.bk33.05 - Experimentalphysikger
dc.subject.bk33.77 - Dielektrikager
dc.subject.bk33.16 - Elektrizität, Magnetismusger
dc.subject.pacs07.79.Lh - Atomic force microscopesger
dc.subject.pacs61.46.+w - Nanoscale materials: clusters, nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanocrystalsger
dc.subject.pacs68.35.Dv - Composition, segregation; defects and impuritiesger
dc.subject.pacs68.37.Ps - Atomic force microscopy (AFM)ger
dc.subject.pacs68.47.Gh - Oxide surfacesger
dc.subject.pacs68.47.Jn - Clusters on oxide surfacesger
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