Porn, Power, and Platforms - The (re-)production of hegemonic sexuality through Machine Learning systems

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Title: Porn, Power, and Platforms - The (re-)production of hegemonic sexuality through Machine Learning systems
Authors: Witschas, Annemarie
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Abstract: In this study, the phenomenon of pornography is used as a lens through which I attempt to portray the entanglement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and power. For this investigation, I consider two artifacts at the intersection of ML and pornography. The first one, content moderation, primarily focuses on removing undesired content, such as pornography, from social media platforms. Deepfakes, the second application, are manipulated videos in which arbitrary faces are inserted through the use of Deep Learning (DL) to create realistic footage. By examining the concrete effects of the ML systems of content moderation systems and pornographic deepfakes, I have found that they are involved in reinforcing heteronormativity, hegemonic conceptions of masculinity and femininity, and manifesting exploitative material conditions, which are components of what I have termed hegemonic sexuality. These effects are achieved through an operation of power that acts both productively and repressively and uses material and discursive mechanisms.
Citations: Publications of the Institute of Cognitive Science (PICS), Volume 2023, Number 1
Subject Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Pornography; Content Moderation; Deepfakes; Heteronormativity; Hegemonic sexuality
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2023
License name: Attribution 3.0 Germany
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Type of publication: Buch [Book]
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