The Politics of Presence in Asylum. Negotiating the Inclusion:Exclusion of Refugees in Osnabrück

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Title: The Politics of Presence in Asylum. Negotiating the Inclusion:Exclusion of Refugees in Osnabrück
Authors: Hinger, Sophie
ORCID of the author: 0000-0001-9521-5132
Thesis advisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Pott
Thesis referee: Helen Schwenken
Abstract: In her cumulative dissertation, Sophie Hinger examines local responses to and consequences of asylum migration. She starts from the observation that the way asylum migration and refugees are dealt with locally is not only conditioned by (inter-)national policies and their implementation, but by a multitude of actors and factors and their interaction. By interrogating different ‘zones of negotiation’ (reception, accommodation, deportations, integration policy) and drawing on numerous original interviews, observations, and documents, she analyses discourses and practices of inclusion and exclusion of refugees. The medium-sized German city of Osnabrück serves as an entry point for the investigation of these multi-scalar and multi-local zones of negotiation. Sophie Hinger argues that at the heart of local negotiations over asylum lies the contested presence of protection-seekers and the opportunities for participation that result from this presence or are claimed based on it. She advances the notion of a ‘politics of presence’, which denotes those practices that challenge attempts to control migration and existing boundaries of belonging and opportunities for participation. The politics of presence comprise the implicit politics of refugees' coming to and being in the city, explicit demands for opportunities to participate, as well as institutional measures of inclusion (even or especially if these oppose restrictive national migration and asylum policies). Such practices are not necessarily local or urban, but as is argued in the dissertation, it is often in and through cities that conflicts over the presence of asylum seekers are played out and that the politics of presence come to the fore. With the concept of the politics of presence, Sophie Hinger contributes to debates on local migration politics at the intersection of migration, urban, and social movement studies.
Subject Keywords: Migration; Flucht; Inklusion/Exklusion; Aushandlung; Stadt; refugees; inclusion/exclusion; migration regime; city; negotiation
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2023
License name: Attribution 3.0 Germany
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Type of publication: Dissertation oder Habilitation [doctoralThesis]
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