Researching (with) refugees? Ethical considerations on participatory approaches

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Titel: Researching (with) refugees? Ethical considerations on participatory approaches
Autor(en): Krause, Ulrike
Zusammenfassung: Empirical field research is a central part of forced migration and refugee studies, and scholars have discussed diverse ethical concerns and (potential) effects of fieldwork. A question that I have been particularly concerned about is the impact my research can have on refugees. Drawing on academic debates as well as my research experiences, I argue that building trust is fundamental in order to gather data. However, trust building could be seen merely as a tool for data collection which bears the risk of an objectifying approach to research about refugees. In lieu of perceiving refugees as ‘data sources’, research with refugees and thus participatory approaches not only transform refugees’ positions to active participants, but can also further the scope of findings.
Bibliografische Angaben: Krause, Ulrike (2017), ‘Researching (with) refugees? Ethical considerations on participatory approaches’, AMMODI blog, 11 December 2017,
Schlagworte: Refugees; Forced Migration; Research Ethics; Participatory Research
Erscheinungsdatum: 11-Dez-2017
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