Ba3[Sn(OH)6][SeO4]2·3H2O, a hydrated 1:2 double salt of barium hexa­hydroxidostannate(IV) and barium selenate(VI)

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dc.creatorReuter, Hans-
dc.creatorShouassi, Kamaha-
dc.identifier.citationReuter, H., & Kamaha, S. (2022): Ba3[Sn(OH)6][SeO4]2.3H2O, a hydrated 1:2 double salt of barium hexahydroxidostannate(IV) and barium selenate(VI). Acta Crystallographica Section E, 78(8), 809-813.ger
dc.description.abstractSingle crystals of tribarium hexa­hydroxidostannate(IV) bis­[selenate(VI)] trihydrate, Ba3H12O17Se2Sn or Ba3[Sn(OH)6][SeO4]2·3H2O, prepared from solid BaSnO3 and aqueous Na2[SeO4] solutions have hexa­gonal (P63) symmetry. The structure consists of four different primary building units: a hexa­hydroxidostannate(IV) ion, two different selenate(VI) ions, all three of point group symmetry C3, and a mono-capped {BaO9}-square anti­prism of point group symmetry C1. The secondary building units result from three of the barium coordination polyhedra linked together via common edges. While one of the two tetra­hedral voids formed from these trimeric units is filled by one bidentate, chelating μ2-selenate ion, the other one remains unoccupied as the corresponding second selenate ion only acts as a monodentate, μ1-ligand. SBUs are completed by hexa­hydroxidostannate(IV) ions sharing adjacent edges on the uncapped faces of the three, mono-capped square anti­prisms. These SBUs are arranged into layers via common edges on the uncapped, square faces of the {BaO9} coordination polyhedra in a way that the hexa­hydroxidostannate(IV) ions act as linkage between two neighboring layers.eng
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.subjectcrystal structureeng
dc.subjectdouble salteng
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dc.subject.ddc540 - Chemieger
dc.titleBa3[Sn(OH)6][SeO4]2·3H2O, a hydrated 1:2 double salt of barium hexa­hydroxidostannate(IV) and barium selenate(VI)eng
dc.typeEinzelbeitrag in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift [Article]ger
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