Artificial Intelligence in Education

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Title: Artificial Intelligence in Education
Authors: Thelen, Tobias
Abu Ahmad, Raia
Artmann, Lisa
Angelescu, Erika Monserrat
Audichya, Shantanu
Breidbach, Kyra
Britt, Niko
Dammann, Marlon
Daske, Nele
Dettmer, Niklas
Duda, Marko
Ganning, Eliasz
Grafweg, Leonie
Gratz, Robin
Grauwelman, Isabel
Heß, Yannik
Heupel, Paula
Kock, Fabienne
Kohnen, Henriette
Korovina, Elena
Lazik, Lina
Lohkamp, Jakob
Lülf, Sönke
Malsom Parantean, Febryeric
Martynenko, Ilona
Meißner, Christian
Moriße, Juri
Näther, Jacqueline
Naujoks, Felix
Niehaus, Nils
Obeck, Tobi
Ohnesorge, Alina
Ondreka, Pia Tamina
Oprotkowitz, Cosima
Palme, Elisa
Parra Fernandez, Carlos Alfonso
Rau, Michael
Rehmer, Mara
Rönck, Antonella
Sigetova, Kristina
Sommer, Anna
Trant, Katharina
Uhlenbrock, Henriette
Vatankhah-Barazandeh, Kamran
Vorsteher, Pia
Witowski, Dennis
Witt, Lara-Sophie
Wollatz, Frederik
Zieba, Liva
Zhu, Qirui
Titz, Lisa
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Contributions by: Thelen, Tobias
Abstract: This book contains a collection of 19 systematic literature reviews conducted by Cognitive Science students in the "Artificial Intelligence in Education" seminar in the winter term of 2021/2022. From a Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) perspective, the book investigates the state of the art of research on applying AI technology in educational settings as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of these applications. The four larger areas covered by the studies are "Didactics and Ethics", "Methods and Technologies", "Extended Reality and Robots", and "Addressing Special Needs".
Citations: Tobias Thelen (ed.), Osnabrück, Institut für Kognitionswissenschaft, 2022, 1. Auflage, PICS - Publications of the Institute of Cognitive Science 2022, Number 04.
Subject Keywords: Künstliche Intelligenz; Bildung; studentische Arbeiten; Artificial Intelligence; Education; student works
Issue Date: 15-Jul-2022
License name: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
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Type of publication: Buch [book]
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