Two coordination compounds of SnCl 2 with 4-methyl-pyridine N-oxide

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dc.creatorHenkel, Felix-
dc.creatorReuter, Hans-
dc.identifier.citationHenkel F, Reuter H.: Two coordination compounds of SnCl2 with 4-methyl-pyridine N-oxide. Acta Crystallogr E Crystallogr Commun. 2021 Jan 8;77(Pt 2):91-95. PMID: 33614132; PMCID: PMC7869548.ger
dc.description.abstractIn the solid-state structures of catena-poly[[di­chlorido­tin(II)]-μ2-(4-methyl­pyridine N-oxide)-κ2 O:O], [SnCl2(C6H7NO)]n, 1, and di­chlorido­bis­(4-methyl­pyridine N-oxide-κO)tin(II), [SnCl2(C6H7NO)2], 2, the bivalent tin atoms reveal a seesaw coordination with both chlorine atoms in equatorial and the Lewis base mol­ecules in axial positions. While the Sn—Cl distances are almost identical, the Sn—O distances vary significantly as a result of the different bonding modes (μ2 for 1, μ1 for 2) of the 4-methyl­pyridin-N-oxide mol­ecules, giving rise to a one-dimensional coordination polymer for the 1:1 adduct, 1, and a mol­ecular structure for the 1:2 adduct, 2. The different coordination modes also influence the bonding parameters within the almost planar ligand mol­ecules, mostly expressed in N—O-bond lengthening and endocyclic bond-angle widening at the nitro­gen atoms. Additional supra­molecular features are found in the crystal structure of 2 as two adjacent mol­ecules form dimers via additional, weak O⋯Sn inter­actions.eng
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International*
dc.subjectcrystal structureeng
dc.subjectSnCl2 coordination compoundseng
dc.subject4-methyl­pyridine N-oxideeng
dc.subjectbond-valence calculationseng
dc.subjectcoordination geometryeng
dc.subject.ddc540 - Chemieger
dc.titleTwo coordination compounds of SnCl 2 with 4-methyl-pyridine N-oxideeng
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